Teleperformance leader mondiale nel Contact Center Outsourcing

Everest Group riconosce Teleperformance come leader mondiale nel contact center in outsourcing.

E’ il terzo anno consecutivo che Teleperformance riceve questo riconoscimento da parte della prestigiosa società di consulenza e ricerca che si basa su 9 settori d’interesse, come tecnologia, retail e telecomunicazioni. TP ha primeggiato in tutti, battendo la concorrenza di 25 competitor.

Da Business Wire :

Teleperformance Recognized by Everest Group as a Global Leader in Contact Center Outsourcing

Everest Group PEAK Matrix Assessment measures the relative market success and overall capabilities of service providers

Teleperformance (Paris:RCF), the worldwide leader in outsourced multichannel customer experience management, today announced that it has been named a Leader and a Star Performer for its work in Contact Center Outsourcing (CCO) by the prestigious consulting and research firm, Everest Group. This is the third consecutive year that Teleperformance has been recognized as a Leader and placed in the top group of providers on the Everest Group PEAK Matrix™.

The assessment classified more than 25 CCO service providers into the categories of Leaders, Major Contenders and Aspirants based on market success and delivery capability. Of the 25-plus companies, Teleperformance was the only service provider recognized as a Leader across all industries. Leaders in the PEAK Matrix cover an average of nine industries, including telecom, technology, retail and travel and hospitality.

“While Teleperformance is already a major player in the market, it recognizes the need to continue pushing forward in terms of identifying new market opportunities,”Katrina Menzigian, VP Research, Everest Group. “These efforts include technology innovation, new client segments, and new geographies. Teleperformance recognizes that only 25 percent of total contact center spending is currently in play in the market and is focused on tapping into the large potential still out there.”

“The assessment by Everest Group illustrates Teleperformance’s dedication to providing the highest standards of service for our customers,”Paulo César Salles Vasques, Worldwide Chief Executive Officer, Teleperformance Group. “We aim to meet the changing business needs of our clients by continuously evolving and growing our support channels. We’ve seen major success in the adoption of our multi-channel solutions because of our investment in innovative technology. In turn, we will continue to provide exceptional service for our customers in all forms of direct and indirect solutions.”

Companies were measured across the dimensions of market success, scale, scope, technology solutions & innovation, delivery footprint and buyer satisfaction:

• Market Success – The average CCO revenue for Leaders was over three-times that of Major Contenders and 22 that of Aspirants, and they posted higher average revenue growth (12%) than Major Contenders (1%) or the overall CCO market (5%)

• Scale – Leaders have the highest proportion of their overall revenue coming from CCO as majority of them are CCO specialists

• Scope – Leaders stand out from the rest of the pack for having the highest breadth and depth across different regions and industries; they also support a larger number of languages and have significant scale

• Technology solutions and innovation – Leaders utilize their broader resources to develop propriety technologies, whereas, other players leverage both proprietary and third-party solutions

• Delivery footprint – While Leaders typically operate with a balanced delivery model, an equitable distribution of FTEs across high, medium and low cost locations, majority of other players employ low-cost centric delivery

• Buyer Satisfaction – Leaders were able to outperform other service providers on parameters such as relationship management, innovation and proactive-ability

Based on the relative year over year advancements for each service provider, Everest Group identified six companies as the “2015 CCO Market Star Performers”, including Teleperformance. Everest Group recognized distinguishing Teleperformance features from its 2014 assessment, which led to the Star Performer accolade. Teleperformance added 58 new clients, enhanced its capabilities in value-added services such as customer analytics, and added 16 new centers across the United States, Philippines and Costa Rica.

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